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Las Vegas, NV 89148
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For IBM eServer IBMi

DSACORP combines over 45 years of expertise in Technical Support Service to offer:

  • IBMi Technical support on-call service
    · Operational support production support
    · Trouble shooting
    · Vendor interface trouble calls/configuration

  • IBMi System maintenance services
    · OS upgrades
    · PTF's

  • IBMi System configuration services
    · Network interfaces
    · DASD additions
    · LPAR configurations
    · Client Access

  • IBMi Trouble shooting
    · OS/400 to iOS
    · OS/400 issues application and system
    · Site planning and configuration

  • IBMi Administrator/Operator Training 101 (Click here for course details)

    An online eLearning training course for IBMi Administrators and Operators. Course covers a broad range of IBMi related topics from history of the IBMi to operational aspects of managing an IBMi. Access to an IBMi is required for this training course. Approximate time to complete training is 23 hours.

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eLearning online training course

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